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Deal Grinders

Deal Grinders is an online tool that makes searching, negotiating, and buying new or pre-owned cars even easier. Deal Grinders provides its customers with a wide variety of new, used, and certified pre-owned cars from professional dealerships and private sellers. Our large range of options meet with all types of customers’ needs – be it the experienced ones who know what they’re looking for or first-time shoppers looking out for the best deals that suit their requirement. At Deal Grinders, we vow to find our customers the right vehicle at the best deal in the city.

At Deal Grinders, we believe in investing in our compeers (employees) who in return invest in our customers. We believe in calling our employees our compeers as each of our dedicated 15 team members has equal ability and experience to provide the best financial and auto-related assistance to our customers, which helps shape our company, which they are equal partners in.

The culture at Deal Grinders is to keep our customers at the center of everything that we do. We want each of our website visitors to take away something that they came onto the website seeking, whether to learn about cars, get a quote from the dealer, or just explore. We are invested in helping all our visitors and customers and are tirelessly working each day to make this possible.

A big part of this process is the features that we bring to our customers through Deal Grinders. We offer a platform that lets our visitors explore all ranges of cars, whether to buy or sell, apply for financial assistance, and compare quotes from various dealers. Our most competent tech feature is the “Negotiate” option, which allows our visitors to negotiate costs for a car with the dealer of their choice.

Our Vision

Deal Grinders was launched in 2019 to take the next step into online buying and selling of cars. Being part of our customer’s daily lives is where we intend to be, and we’re steadfast in adding new features and inventory to our website to create the best user experience for all our visitors. Our mission is to reduce our customers’ time investment while buying and selling vehicles by providing them with financial assistance, quotes, and the best deals at hand.